Is trustyhour Ltd a legal entity?

Yes, trustyhour Ltd is official financial company. We are independently owned and operated company consisting of experienced, highly-trained professional team of specialist, they devised automatic software for Bitcoin trading.

How can I open an account?

SignUp with trustyhour Ltd is completely free of charge. Account opening is very simple. Click on the "Sign Up" link, fill in the fields and click the Submit button.

Who can sign up to trustyhour Ltd? Do you accept investors from different countries? Any banned countries?

Anyone, a person or a company can sign up to trustyhour. We have no restrictions on any country! Everyone is welcome here!

Can I open multiple accounts?

No, each participant may open only one account.Multiple accounts will be automatically closed, and there will not be any mail reminder

How to Invest and What e-currencies do you accept?

You simply need to Login to Your account, click Make an Investment, enter the amount you wish to deposit, select a convenient payment system and complete the payment. Currently we are working with: Bitcoin,You can open a free Bitcoin Wallet here: www.bitcoin.org PerfectMoney,You can open a free PerfectMoney account here: www.perfectmoney.is Payeer(includes QIWI,LIQPAY,W1,YANDEX.MONEY,BTC-E,OKPAY and PAXUM),You can open a free Payeer account here: www.payeer.com Okpay, Advcash,You can open a free Advcash account here: www.advcash.com

What are minimum and maximum amounts of investments?

The minimum investment amount is 10 USD. The maximum amount is 1,000,000 USD. The more the investment amount is, the more profits you will get.

I don’t have any funds any of the payment systems you are working with?

You can easily fund, withdraw or exchange money in any payment system. You can directly fund the payment system or transfer money from one system to another. There are hundreds of different currency exchangers on the Internet. To find the cheapest exchange, like bestchange.com, rchange.net, coinbase.com and so on.

These payment systems are not working in my country. What can I do?

You can use Bitcoin. It is a reliable & anonymous payment system. It works worldwide. You can also use Bank Wire Transfer, which also works worldwide.

When will my deposit appear on my trustyhour account?

Typically, deposits are shown in your account history instantly. In some cases it takes up to 8 hours. If the transfer is not shown in your history 8 hours after payment, please contact trustyhour support. The deposit will be credited by our staff manually.

Do you convert Bitcoins (BTC) to USD?

Yes, we do. The conversion is done using a fair current exchange rate, which is shown to you during the deposit.

Can I add funds to an existing Investment?

Existing investments cannot be replenished. Each investment has its own duration. To add funds to it you should wait for the expiration of the old investment and then create a new investment from outside.At the same time, you can not invest the same plan more than 2 times, must wait for the last investment plan is completed before continuing investment.

What could be the reason for the delay?

There are several reasons for failure to pay: - The e-currency account number, which should be specified during registration, is missing or incorrect. - You have balance limit imposed on your e-currency account. Please contact e-currency provider to sort this problem out. Sometimes payment systems are not working, we will all need to wait for a while.

How is the payout process?

It will be sent automatic every hour . You will not miss the payout in the payout days and it any problem with your investment after 48 hours, please contact our support team first. Maybe some technical problem or e-currency meet problem.It is important to note that you can use the mulitple payment to invest in the same plan, but you can not use different electronic currencies at the same time. or your plan will be suspended, to restore your profits, and must be our Diamond membership

How and when can I request a withdrawal?

Withdrawal requests can be created inside your account area on any working day of the week (except holidays / weekends).

Are there any hidden charges / additional fees and commissions?

There are NO hidden charges, NO additional fees and NO commissions. Commissions are taken by the payment systems only. All commissions from our part are paid by us.

How often is the statistics of profits updated?

Statistics are updated always.and Do not make mulitple plan at same time,no cross plan before become our Diamond vip Otherwise all plans will be suspended by the system, the need to restore the normal operation of the system, must be used to complete the advanced plan.

What should i do if not received withdrawal in time ?

If it takes more than 48 hours, please contact support.In exceptional circumstances, we will not compromise with any attacker

Can I fund by one electronic currency and withdraw in another?

You can withdraw profit only by the same payment system you have made the deposit with. If you funded via several different payment systems, then in your account you’ll see separate amounts for separate payment systems.

Does trustyhour provide any information about my income or transactions to third parties? Do you report to tax authorities?

We act in accordance with the policy of complete confidentiality. No information about you, your personal data, information on the payment operations or your revenue is disclosed to anyone except you.

Is your site protected from DDoS attacks?

Yes, our website is protected by CloudFlare, a leader in DDoS protection services worldwide!

I forgot the password for my account. What should I do?

You can use the password recovery tool. Click on the I've forgot my password link during login.

Do you offer new member referral commission?

We offer a great 3% referral commission to you, on each and every new deposit made from your referrals. Subsequently, their name will be appeared under your referral list. You will still receive 3% commission on each new investment deposit they made.

How do I refer other investors?

To refer other investors, you must already be a member of us. And after you joining deposit in us, you can get an refer link in sucessful page.

When do you pay the referral commission?

Referral commission is paid on payment schedule automatic in business day. You can contact us if you miss referral commissions more than 24 hours.